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The choir meets three terms a year. 

New and potential members can try it out at the start of the Spring and Christmas terms.


Venue: The Wildgoose Space, The Old Office Block, The Yard, 228, Mina Road, St Werburghs, Bristol BS2 9YP


Day: Monday evenings


Times: 7.00pm to 9.30pm






We hold three residential weekends a year for members of the choir in the stunningly beautiful Wye Valley. These weekends are always a lot of fun, energising, informative are a great way of getting to know other choir members. The weekends are a great opportunity to:


  • explore your singing voice.


  • to deepen your knowledge of

      Georgian folk song.


  • to experience some Georgian culture


While the weekends are not 'compulsory', we encourge you to make them - they're beneficial on many levels and a lot of fun! 

Have a look at this video of a typical weekend rehearsal in the Wye Valley! 

A Weekend Rehearsal in the Wye Valley...



  • I'm interested in joining, can I try it out first? - Yes. You are welcome to come along at the beginning of the Autumn and Spring terms. Try it out, meet our exisiting choir members and decide from there. Your first session carries no obligation or commitment.​


  • Do I need to read music? - Folk songs are traditionally taught by ear in Georgia and almost all of the songs in our repertoire have been passed down from mouth to mouth, going way back in time. We like to carry on that custom by not learning from printed music - the up side being that you don’t need to read music.

  • Will I need to take an audition?  - No, we don't hold auditions, but you will need an awareness of pitch and an ability to control your  voice.  


  • Is there anything else I need to know? It's helpful if you have an interest in Georgian folk song (and Eastern European) music, as well as a commitment to learn some strange words, unfamiliar melody lines and hauntingly beautiful harmonies. We try to replicate the 'Georgian sound' as best as possible and we will invite you to explore the range and tone of your voice, and to go beyond what you might have thought was possible vocally.  

A rehearsal weekend in the Wye Valley with Borjghali...
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