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"A House With No Doors" - Georgian Poetry & Song - St Stephen's Church, Bristol Sat 14th Oct 2017

An evening of song & poetry, featuring Borjghali, Bristol Georgian Choir, and Victoria Field & Natalia Bukia-Peters who read from their ground breaking anthology of poems "A House With No Doors". 

"I was very impressed by the choir and how they enjoyed performing the Georgian songs.  I should admit it was very educational for me: although I knew quite a few songs from their repertoire I nevertheless learnt the history of some songs and some songs were new to me!  I wish somebody from the Georgian Embassy had had come!  Thank you again for this lovely event." Natalia Bukia-Peters - Poet & translator - A House with No Doors

Singers - Highs: Lucy Gilbert, Anna-Sophia Menato, Anna Swift, Lauren Holloway, Rosena Powell

Mids - Helen Cockhill, Fiona Hamilton, Anna Hope, Ali Benning, Jane Andrews

Basses - Julian Harrison, Paul Harcroft, Jesus Sierra, Mark Wells, Anthony Johnston

Concert & Georgian Feast, MacKenzie Hall, Brockweir, Wye Valley 19th Nov 2016

The fourth year we have performed at Mackenzie Hall.

Here are some images and quotes from our last concert and Georgian 'Supra' (feast).

Singers - Highs: Paloma Suarez, Lucy Gilbert, Anna-Sophia Menato, Anna Swift, Louise Hoskins

Mids - Helen Cockhill, Sam Ardin, Anna Hope, Ali Benning

Basses - Josh Cannell, Will Templeman, Paul Hartoch,

Boris Johnston, Anthony Johnston

“Wonderful evening, very much enjoyed the beautiful singing. Enjoyed very much the Georgian meal. The whole evening had a wonderful feeling of friendship” - Alan Boast

The thoughtful words behind Anthony’s toasts I found most thought provoking and uplifting. The music and close harmonies gave me goose pimples.

The food was scrumptious!!!”

Andi & Arthur Cale

“An uplifting, unifying evening of song, friendship and laughter. Thank you for the gift of community and togetherness… the songs evoke the ancient mystery, thank you.

Thank you for creating this magic”.

Chloe Rose Laing

"Another evening to remember. Really lovely. I find your music touches the soul. It goes to deep places within and moves me greatly. Thank you so much. Another thank you also to your wonderful cooks and helpers. What a treat of a feast and how lovely the tables looked. You go to such lengths to provide us with a memorable experience and I cannot thank you all enough" - Susan Pike

(Click to access all photos)

“Wonderful sound, great food and so good to put them together! Keep it up and you will be doing something amazing for our cultural richness” - LGM

Georgian National Rugby team reception at St George's, Bristol 14th Sept 2015

We were invited to sing at St George's, Bristol as part of the ceremony to welcome the Georgian National Rugby Team's welcome ceremony, as part of the Rugby World Cup. A lot of fun and our Georgian namesakes seemed to enjoy our songs - if you don't want to watch the whole video, we're at 04.41

Watch the choir perform from 04.41...

"The feedback I have received from your performance has been amazing, and a highlight for many of the guests and our staff at Georgia’s welcome ceremony ... the Team were blown away by your performance, so a huge well done and many thanks for your support with the event!"

Lucy Champness - Co-ordinator World Cup Rugby 2015

Singers: Highs - Mary Todd, Harriet Kline, Anna Swift, Paloma Suarez

Mids - Jules Schoenmann, Sian Ephgrave, Jude Williams,

Alix Thorpe, Helen Cockhill,

Basses: Anthony Johnston, Peter Thompson.

"Songs Of the Journey", St Anne's Church Easton, Bristol Fri 15th May 2015

"A massive massive thank you for the choir performance on Friday ,

so many people said how beautiful it was.

It was really such a joy to listen to. Please pass on enormous amounts of gratitude!"

Rose Codner, event organiser

A concert in aid of the Bristol Hopsitality Network. The concert was shared with John Hudson-Jones playing exquisite Bulgarian accordion and Sufian Saihi who performed spellbinding music from Morrocco on oud.

A beautiful evening with food, stories and a great community vibe -

not mention raising £650 for a great cause!


Singers: Tops - Anna Swift, Harriet Kline, Alix Thorpe, Louise Hoskins, Paloma Suarez

Mids - Helen Cockhill, Jude Blodwen, Kathy Pollard, Sarah Browne, Els Van Ooijen

Basses - David Ridley, Joe Williams, Peter Thompson, Anthony Johnston

A concert with Borjghali at St Aidan's Church, St Georges, Bristol - June 2011

The following is an extract from an article written by Georgian student Ana Chankvetadze on a visit to the UK as a guest of the Newport Kutaisi Twinning Association, to see Borjghali perform at St Aidan's church. Ana was joined by her friends Di Zhao and Irina Litovchenko.


It was another opportunity for members of the NKTA to hear these remarkable singers as they presented a programme of Georgian and Eastern European music in three part harmony. This was authentic music presented by one of Britain's most remarkable amateur choirs.


Ana Chankvetdze - It was an amazing evening, the choir was really great .... While listening to them you could forget that they were not Georgians singing. They sang songs with Georgian words that were difficult to pronounce. 

They explained the meaning of each song. They had participated at the famous 'Chveneburebi Festival' in Tbilisi where they had sung with all their hearts and souls leaving Georgians with tears on their faces.


I have to mention the great work of the director of the choir, Anthony Johnston, whose voice had a typical Georgian sound, that from Guria, one of the most beautiful parts of Georgia.


It was a wonderful evening!    


Di Zhao - I must say that it was the best concert I have ever heard. These singers were obviously well trained - their voices were relaxed and natural, making me think of the wind in the deep forests of Georgia described by my Georgian friend. The singers showed a real love of Georgia and her music.


Irina Litovchenko - I was excited when the singing began. The audience was treated to an evening of songs of love and sorrow, in beautiful Georgian dialect. They introduced us to the rich and ancient culture of these people, showing us the soul of the nation. I was even more surprised to learn that no one in the choir came from Georgia, and that the feelings expressed in their voices came from the sheer love of that country.

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